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Grape Nuts cereal is a basic, quality source of fiber, iron and vitamins. It also happens to be almost entirely made of wheat and barley, as well as dried yeast. Do those ingredients sound familiar?


While using only Grape Nuts cereal to make a beer won't produce anything that tastes like "beer," using a small amount of Grape Nuts before you boil your beer may produce a more vigorous fermentation, as the vitamins in the cereal act as yeast nutrients.


One beer recipe using Grape Nuts cereal sounds like an act of desperation. Is it real? Is it a joke? Try it and find out. Some general guidelines for large-scale production of Grape Nuts brew were given second-hand in the Homebrew Digest e-mail group, preserved in the archives online. Mark Witherspoon writes, "This is what I was told by the Gulf War Vets on how to obtain/make beer when it is illegal...   Order about 3 tons of grape nuts. Soak in warm water for about an hour or so. Strain out the resulting mash. Add a few drops of a bittering substance, usually blue curacco liquor to the boil. Cool Ferment with yeast, what ever kind of yeast you can get, usually wine yeast. Produces about 3 tons of beer. Strangely tasting but decent.   The Saudi's (sic) thought that the Americans were really weird for ordering 3 tons of grape nuts, but those in the field knew what they were doing..."


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